Article I Organization. The name of the organization shall be Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia, hereinafter referred to as CORMOSEA. CORMOSEA shall be organized as a committee of the Southeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies as a non-profit association of persons interested in issues related to Southeast Asia libraries and their collections. The purpose of CORMOSEA shall be to facilitate the acquisition, processing, access to, and conservation of research materials on and about the countries and region of Southeast Asia, and to facilitate open communication among librarians in Southeast Asian studies.

Article II Membership. Membership is open to librarians at colleges, universities, and other research institutions Membership is open to research institutions having significant holdings of materials relating to Southeast Asia, including but not limited to The Library of Congress and the Center for Research Libraries; members shall be appointed by majority vote of the existing membership.

Article III Meetings. CORMOSEA shall hold an annual meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair in consultation with the CORMOSEA Executive Committee. Meetings shall be open to all interested persons.

Article IV Officers. Officers of CORMOSEA shall be the Chair and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, the Chair-elect in those years when elections for Chair are held, the Chairs of all permanent CORMOSEA sub-committees (including but not limited to Collection Development and Technical Processes), the Chair of the Southeast Asia Microforms Project, and the Editor of the CORMOSEA Bulletin. Term of office for the Chair shall be three years; upon election, the Chair will serve one year as Chair-elect and shall become Chair at the annual meeting the following year. In consultation with the Executive Committee, the Chair shall prepare an annual report for the Association for Asian Studies, shall convene and chair CORMOSEA meetings (or appoint a surrogate to do so), prepare the meeting agendas, and represent CORMOSEA to the Southeast Asia Council. The Chair, or a surrogate appointed by the Chair, shall be a member of the Asian Librarians Liaison Committee (ALL) of the Association for Asian Studies and shall appoint a second member, to serve for three years, from the membership of CORMOSEA.

Article V Nominations. The Chair shall appoint a three-member nominating committee as needed to nominate candidates for Chair.

Article VI Elections. Election of the Chair and Faculty Representatives shall be conducted by paper ballot at regular CORMOSEA meetings. Each member institution represented at the time a vote is taken shall be entitled to one vote. Members not in attendance shall not be entitled to a vote. Special elections to fill unexpected vacancies shall be conducted by mail ballot as needed.

Article VII Sub-committees. The Collection Development and Technical Processes sub-committees shall be permanent bodies of CORMOSEA; chairs of those sub-committees shall be appointed by the Chair of CORMOSEA in consultation with the Executive Committee and the membership and shall serve for three years. Additional sub-committees and task groups and their chairs shall be appointed for limited terms at the discretion of the Chair of CORMOSEA. Sub-committees and task groups shall be disbanded upon completion of their charges, except for permanent sub-committees, at the discretion of the Chair of CORMOSEA in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Article VIII Publications. CORMOSEA Bulletin shall serve as the official publication of the organization. Other publications may be issued as needed. The Editor of CORMOSEA Bulletin shall be appointed by the Chair in consultation with the Executive Committee and the membership at large and shall thereafter serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

Article IX Communications. The CORMOSEA listserv and the CORMOSEA web page shall be the official means of communication among members.

Article X Archives. The CORMOSEA archives shall be deposited in the Michigan Historical Collection as part of the archives of the Association for Asian Studies.

Article XI Amendments. Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by any member and shall require approval of two-thirds of the voting members. Amendments shall take effect immediately upon approval.

Article XII Funds. Funds for projects and activities conducted by CORMOSEA or any of its subcommittees shall be administered by the Association for Asian Studies, as "501 (c) (3)" parent organization. The Association for Asian Studies shall receive such funds as are granted to or earned by CORMOSEA, and will allocate them according to standard accounting practices. CORMOSEA officers are responsible for fiscal management and decisions dealing with monies allocated to, or raised by CORMOSEA.

Revised and approved March 1999.
Last revision: 17 August 2007

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