Introduction. CORMOSEA Bulletin is the official publication of the Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (CORMOSEA), a sub-committee of the Association of Asian Studies (AAS). Its entire first volume (two pages in length) contained a memorandum from Donald Clay Johnson, the curator of Southeast Asia Collection of Yale University Library, to librarians concerned with or interested in Southeast Asia. His memorandum proposed that an informal newsletter be sent to all librarians interested in Southeast Asia collections, which would serve as a means to disseminate information concerning area studies programs and their relation to libraries. From this first memorandum (Volume 1, No. 1, 1967) grew an official publication called CORMOSEA Bulletin, which has now arrived at its 29th volume (2006). The entire archive is available here in PDF format which means you will need to have AbobeReader installed on your computer to read them. Adobe Reader download site. Click on the issue number in the drop down menu below to access the files.

CORMOSEA Bulletin Index in PDF format
Length = 172 pages. File size = 1.2 MB.

Introduction to the Index. The idea of indexing the bulletin came up during the meeting of the CORMOSEA Executive Committee meeting in 2003 at the AAS Annual Meeting in New York. Funding was provided by the AAS, the parent organization of CORMOSEA, and the indexing was done by Koh Keng We, a PhD student at the History Department of the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) under the supervision of Rohayati Paseng Barnard, the Southeast Asian Librarian at the UHM Library.

The index covers volume 1 (1967) to volume 27 (1999). The entries are arranged alphabetically by subjects and names (personal, organization, committee, etc.) assigned by the indexer. The first number represents the volume number, the number in parenthesis represents the issue number, and the last number represents the page number, thus 24(1)3-7 means volume 24, number 1, page 3 to 7. For example, under the May Kyi Win entry:

Bibliography, Burmese Buddhism ========================> 24(1)3-7

This means that the Burmese Buddhism Bibliography by May Kyi Win is published in volume 24, number 1, page 3 to 7.

It is hoped that this index will provide better access to information available in the CORMOSEA Bulletin.

Honululu, August 2005
Rohayati Paseng Barnard, UHM
Last revision: 23 August 2007

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